Drone images...
Drone images from different projects around the world: India, Portugal, Sweden and Denmark.
Suite 07 - Svanemoellevej in Copenhagen
Images from working with Suite 07 on the newly renovated house in Copenhagen, Denmark.
72 Hour Cabin in Sweden...
Impressions from visiting the 72 Hour Cabins in Western Sweden.
Hart Bageri in Copenhagen
Working with EATER on images of newly opened Hart Bageri in Copenhagen.
Craveiral, Alentejo in Portugal
Working with the Craveiral team of images of the newly opened farmhouse in Alentejo, Portugal.
Hotel Flora in Gothenburg, Sweden
Working with Hotel Flora on images of the hotel, workspace and town of Gothenburg.
Killiehuntly Farmhouse in Scotland...
Working with Wildland Limited on images of newly renovated Killiehuntly Farmhouse & Cottage in Scotland.
Crossfit with Marie Ingemann Aamodt...
Crossfit images with Marie Ingemann Aamodt - made for Kurhotel Skodsborg.
Yasuragi in Stockholm, Sweden
Photographing Yasuragi for Conde Nast Traveller.
Tim Wendelboe...
Working with Life & Thyme on images from Tim Wendelboe's roasters in Oslo, Norway.
Loegismose Easter Magazine
From working with Løgismose on images for the Easter magazine 2019.
Spa at Kurhotel Skodsborg...
From working with Kurhotel Skodsborg on spa and treatment images.
Kyle House in Scotland...
Images from working with Wildland Limited on images of Kyle House in Northern Scotland.
Winter Bathers...
The Icy Plunge... editorial shot for OAK Magazine.
Cafe and Restaurant Ofelia - Royal Danish Theatre
Shooting with Meyers Contract Catering - Cafe & Restaurant Ofelia in the Royal Danish Theatre.
Everyday cooking on the inside...
Images from working with Meyers Madhus and inmates on a cookbook for Danish state prisons.
Hazlitt's Hotel in London
Images from Hazlitt's Hotel in Soho, London.
Children's cookbook...
Cookbook project made with Meyers Madhus for the Municipality of Copenhagen - recipes for children in kindergartens.
Yoga with Daphne...
Photosession with yoga instructor, Daphne Dahlin.
Restaurant Mes in Copenhagen
Working on editorial for Gastro on Restaurant Mes in Copenhagen.
Tinos, Greece...
Images from working with Elisaveth.
Faroese Salmon
Working with advertising agency, Sendistovan, on images for a branding campaign for Rinka Salmon.
Southern Sweden...
Roadtrip to southern Sweden, Skanör-Falsterbo.
BLOX EATS in Copenhagen
Images from BLOX EATS in Copenhagen - working with Meyers Contract Catering.
Restaurant Sanchez, Copenhagen
Working with EATER on images on newly opened Restaurant Sanchez - in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Kinloch Lodge in Scotland...
Working with Wildlands Ltd. on images for Kinloch Lodge in Northern Scotland.
Cakes and New Year's menu at Kurhotel Skodsborg
Crossfit with Rikke Hørlykke...
From working with Rikke Hørlykke on an editorial for Kurhotel Skodsborg.
Meyers breakfast...
Working with Meyers Lyngby on new images of the breakfast menu.
Brücke 49 in Vals, Switzerland
Summer photos from Brücke 49 in Vals, Graubünden in Switzerland.
Amass Restaurant in Copenhagen
Editorial for Life & Thyme - Amass Restaurant in Copenhagen.
Dancer - Helle Friang
Images from working with dancer, Helle Friang.
Vinnie Davida Søndergaard...
Working with European Boxing Champion, Vinnie Davida Søndergaard.
Empirical Spirits in Copenhagen, Denmark
Working with Punch on an editorial on Empirical Spirits.
Japanese Cookbook...
Japanese cookbook made with Danish/Japanese chef, Kondo Sasaki.
Mobility with Sussie Five Lundt
Photos from working with Mobility instructor, Sussie Five Lundt.
Almanak in Copenhagen...
Photos from Almanak at The Standard in Copenhagen.
Morning swim...
Images from working with Kurhotel Skodsborg - on morning swimming in Øresund.
Restaurant Höst in Copenhagen
Images from Restaurant Höst in Copenhagen.
Marrakesh in Morocco...
Photos from Marrakesh in Morocco.
Travelling Iceland...
Photos from travels to Iceland.
Gymnastics with Jonas Thylstrup
Working with Gymnastics instructor Jonas Thylstrup om images.
Malatesta Maison, Marche in Italy
Working with Malatesta Maison, Marche in Italy, on images for press and web.
Instructors - Kurhotel Skodsborg
Copenhagen Fashion Week - Suitcase Magazine
Working with Suitcase Magazine and Reve en Vert on images from Copenhagen Fashion Week.
Vasanthi lamps
Images from working with Vasanthi Lamps and Sanne Korsgaard on images of new product lines.
The Runner - Gitte Høj
Working with instructor, Gitte Høj, on images for web and PR.
Salt Preservation - Cereal Magazine
Photos from working with Cereal Magazine on images of salt preservation of food.
Louisiana Museum, Denmark
Working with Cereal Magazine and the first edition - photos from Lousiana Museum north of Copenhagen.
Nymark Jewelry
Photographing jewelry collection for Nymark Copenhagen.
Skjoldenaesholm Castle, Denmark
Photos from working with Skjoldenaesholm Castle.
Mornings at the beach...
Early summerlmornings at the beach... images from a personal project.
Central Hotel & Cafe
Shooting for Cereal Magazine - Central Hotel & Cafe in Copenhagen.
LOOW - clothing brand
Working with LOOW on images of Christoffer Vorre / LOOW.
Copenhagen Guide - Cereal Magazine
Photos from working with Cereal Magazines of restaurants, Museums, places and more for a Copenhagen Guide book.
Parmigiano Reggiano in Parma, Italy
River Cottage in Copenhagen...
From shooting at Timm Vladimir's Kitchen in Copenhagen - Gill Meller and River Cottage.
Images from working with Danish luxury brand, Michala, on images.
Frankies Spuntino in Copenhagen
Working with Life & Thyme on images of Frankies Spuntino restaurant take-over - Fiskebaren in Copenhagen.
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